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It's been a while since a real entry...

To someone in this world, I am the most beautiful, breath taking thing there is in life. Their gaze is on me and no matter who were to walk by, their gaze would never wonder from me. To them, I'm special and all that they are looking for. When the rest of the world seems to hate me, they'll always be there. Even if I don't realize it. Even if no one else realizes it. This person is out there, somewhere...Waiting for me...Just as I am patiently waiting on them...Sometimes I wish upon the stars that I could find that person, but I know all the looking in the world isn't going to make them show up. It has to be the perfect timing. Maybe they are already in my life and I just don't know it yet. Even when the world tries to get me down, I have to keep on moving, believing that someone out there is so in love with me that I'm what keeps them going. That I'm their beginning and ending thought each day and I'm the one they see in their dreams. Knowing that they, just like me are waiting until we can be next to each other pacing our breath to be exactly as the others. To be able to finish each others sentences and be able to know what the other is thinking without using words. Just to know that someone out there loves me is enough to keep me going through the roughest of days. No one will ever make me doubt myself again because I know that one day, I'll find what I deserve...Even if it takes the rest of my life for it to find me, the time will be worthwhile because, he and I are alike and we'll never take a second of our time together for granted....I just have to wait patiently....

Patiently waiting....

Wishing on stars....
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