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Halloween ;)

So. Joy = happiness. Ever been happy and you just don't know what the cause is? Like the kind of happiness that you feel in the pit of your tummy? The kind that makes you smile and giddy and want to cry of happiness for no apparent reason...It's freaking amazing to feel. :) So here is an outline of my awesomeness of a couple of days.

Monday - school. blah. DDR withdrawl fixed. Lol. Came home and messed around a bit and then made dinner..Started getting dark and me and daddy started doing the candy thing while eating dinner. Hot guy from next door kept flirting with me lol. Said he was dressed up as a redneck and i told him that it offended me. ;) He told me if he came up here I'd have to keep him company LOLOLOL. So yeah he kept coming up here and then he dropped his redneck teeth and when I finally found them I took them to him and he was all wanting to come up and hang out some more so I told him to come on..His sis is kind of a lesbian and was hitting on me and he told her to stop that she was scaring me, shoved the candy @ her and came back up here with me. Got to see my Aunt and 2 cousins. I need to hang out with family more often.. So yes..halloween at the house was kind of nice..

monday night - Beth and Rodney got here around 10:30 and we had to go to her house and argue with her mom to get their credit cards back. I just sat in the car and talked to John and Allie. ;) I had to call my alliekins because I was all nervous b.c of meeting trent. Left her house around 10:45 to go get Trent..*feels nervous* Went to Bi-lo in Harrisburg..(bfe?) As soon as Rodney got out to talk to him, Beth asked me what I thought and I was in pure shock. Wow. lol Cute. So yeah we were all sitting in the car texting each other. Lol, we were doing it so no one would know what we were saying. Only two people NOT texting each other were Trent and I and that's because of the lackage of phone numbers AT THE TIME. So yeah Trent finally started showing me what they were texting him and what he was replying with ;) Got so totally lost in Charlotte. Not like this is the first time we've gotten lost there lol. Took us 2 hours to find the pool hall on Monroe ROad. By THIS time..It's like 1 am and Beth and I have to piss really bad..So yea we go to use their toilet and it was so completely diguisting, so I made Rodney give me his car keys so beth and I could go to a convienent store to use the potty lol. We get back and the boys are already playing pool. We looked so out of place because it was like we were in the ghetto and when we went to the convienent store it was like the gay ghetto. omg lol. But yeah..Pool was fun, me and trent were a team most of the time and I've never really played pool and everyone was quite impressed with me, especially trent..Everytime I'd make a good hit he'd smile and go "that's my partner" lol...So yeah, Beth and Rodney decided that Trent and I need to be dating LOL..So yeah, now..I guess you could say that Trent and I are an item or something? In the talking process ^_^...Anywho, back to the story..the guy at the pool hall started asking where all of us were from and yeah...You've got me from BC, Rodney and Beth from Gastonia, and Trent from Concord..and the guy was like how the hell do you all know each other, so we had to get into that story..lol And then we left and it was cold as hell and this is like at 2:30 or 3 am..We drove around looking for somewhere to eat.. ie waffle house, ihop..yanno the 24/7 places but the only one we found was waffle house and they don't take effin credit cards so we had to drive around to try to find a damn ATM and when we finally found one at like 3:30 it wouldn't take their cards..lol this is when Trent and I started holding hands...At this time everyone is getting really effin tired, so we're trying to find the interstate and I'm back there holding trent's hand about to fall asleep so I put my head on his shoulder and everytime he'd about fall asleep he'd start rubbing my hand and it'd slow down and he'd doze off and then wake up lol...it was cute..Beth was all like "ya'll get a room" and Rodney told her we hadn't even kissed and Trent comes off with the remark (because we'd been making fun of them about kissing and cuddling and stuff) that they couldn't really see us because they were in front of us that it was a different story lol...so finally at 4:30 we drop trent off at his car and we start toward home..5:45 we make it to our wal*mart to find out what time Rodney has to be at work comes to find out he has to be there at 9 am lmao...so they just took me home..Got here around 5:50 am and went to my room and went to sleep..before I went to sleep I texted trent and told him what time rodney had to be up and that i was glad i got to hang out with him and this is the response i get "I feel 4 him, i had a good time with u too" TEEHEE...And then ya know we had tons of trouble out of beth's mom and stuff...And then beth goes and tells her about me and trent lol..;) And Beth and Rodney keep telling me they've never seen trent like this around a girl...That it's different when he's around me. They think there is actually something between us. I don't know and I'm not getting my hopes up...Whatever happens..happens..:) But yeah, that's it for now <3
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