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I'm the kind of girl that comes along and rocks your socks off. You know the one you can't forget? Yeah, that's me. I'm beautiful inside and out, stfu if you don't think so, you can exit this page as easily as you entered.

I'm opinionated..Very opinionated..If you don't like it...then..Oh well? lol

I'm the BEST you'll ever have. Promise.

To most I'm Joyah. Or Joylala..Or Joy..Or Nichole..Or whatever the hell else you people decide to call me..But to one person..I'm lil one and shortstop..I <3 personal nicknames. Especially from Hoover...If you don't know, then you don't need to know..

Me and my crew...We know how to do it RIGHT. We'll go down as the ones everyone remembers...The ones everyone loves..just because...we are us...We don't take any bull and NO one can come between us..

I have 4 buttholes including my own. 2 reside in Gastonia and the other resides in Concord. harhar. You'll never understand...

I swear if I'm awake and you aren't and we are in the same house, you'll regret going back to sleep. I PROMISE that. Cold water is a BITCH. Ask Hoover..teehee

Shaving cream, feathers on the nose..Just wait..we WILL get Hot Rod while he sleeps..Me, Hoover, and Stephanie..it will be great...just got to make sure we've got the camera..

Life is grand when you're happy and you've found people worth having around.

Bride + Groom = happy couple

Maid of honor + Best Man = happy couple. I swear we WILL be the hottest couple there other than Beth and Hot Rod. ;) Just wait and see..

Mom : "When they get married, are you going to have your own room or will you sleep between them?" Me : "DANG SKIPPY, I'll have my own bedroom.."

My life = my friends, walmart, school...

Life..I love it. <3 More than ever..because you've shown me the reasons worth living and having fun...we are the BEST ever.

And don't forget, I'll be the best you've EVER had.
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