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::by the time you get this message it's gonna be too late::

Don't hate because I've got what you want. What you LACK. Don't judge people you don't know. Especially when those people are the ones that just happen to make my world go 'round. There will be hell to pay for anyone who chooses to diss those people. I promise. You'll never understand what we have. Never. And I really don't care that you won't. People that see us around each other and know how we talk about each other and see the look we get..They sort of understand...But he and I..we are damn near close to perfect together. Get over the fact that I'm finally happy and guess what I'm not waiting around. Sounds like she's not the only one "jealous". I solemnly swear that I've got my head on straight this time and yes my heart is still on my sleeve, but that doesn't mean shit. I've got a perfect understanding of how I will deal with this. I've got a life to live and so do you. Why do we keep interrupting the process? We don't really know each other like we should. Yeah ok we'll always be friends. I suppose. I don't know. I'm confused. This whole online deal. The liars, the fakes, do you fit in amongst them some how? Are you just as fake as the others? I don't know, but you do. You confuse me. You say that she is confused, but look in the mirror. The confused only know the confused. How do you think you keep getting all this messed up bullshit? Leave my heart and my love out of this, because they have nothing to do with it. I don't understand how you drug him into all of this either. He has never done a damn thing to you nor me, so back off. I promise that I'm very overprotective and I promise that if you start shit about him, there will be consequence. Watch what you say, you may lose things you love. Watch your back, people are fakes, liars, and backstabbers. But then again you of all people should know this..Right? Isn't that all you let into your life? But if that's true, how do I fit in? Why keep me around? Why want my opinion only to shoot it down each and every time? Give it up. Give it all up. Be yourself. Stop. Just STOP. I don't know. Keep trying. Maybe you'll get it right someday. I think I've got it right. I think I played my cards right, because I swear he is like no other. And he is certainly not like NICK. Never EVER compare him to that dumbshit. Ok? Think you can handle that. Just bleh, leave HIM out of this. We are content together. Happy. Satisfied. We want each other and that's what we have. If you misunderstand our jokes and our personal stuff to each other..Then I'm SO sorry. He's far from a jerk. I could name a couple of jerks right off hand and yeah, I don't think you'd like that because right now you rank right on up there. I can't help that she isn't in love with you by the way. And you know maybe she is. Hell who knows? It's the internet. Lol. Ugh. whatever. Morons.

Sometimes I just wish all of these people would disappear and he and I were the only ones left.

If you truely love me, you'll never judge those who make me happy. Just let me be. I'll learn my lessons in time. I always do, don't I? And what if it all turns out to be ok, and you upset me with this stupid shit and maybe actually get me to mess up the one reason I look forward to each and every day? What do you do then? When you've helped me mess up the good thing in my life? But guess what, I won't let you. Because your insecurities of my relationship won't affect me this time. It's different. It honestly is. You made me CRY. Never make me cry. I've cried enough tears over you. It isn't worth it anymore. I'm tired of crying of stupid shit people say without thinking. Namely, you. I swear though, we are each others pride and joy and you can't take that away. EVER. Remember that. Maybe one day you'll be lucky enough to know what it feels like, and I hope everyone gives you as hard a time about it as you have me and maybe then you'll know what it's like to have all this done to you.

Thank you and have a good night.

P.S. I'm obsessed with the tape and the boxes. And using them together ^_^

xAlongxCamexYoux (11:26:49 PM): i got him a gift card
xAlongxCamexYoux (11:26:50 PM): to sears
xAlongxCamexYoux (11:26:53 PM): and it's wrapped
xAlongxCamexYoux (11:26:56 PM): in a boxes
Chloe (11:26:56 PM): lmao
xAlongxCamexYoux (11:26:58 PM): upon boxes
xAlongxCamexYoux (11:27:09 PM): with a shit load of tape on the inner boxes
Chloe (11:27:16 PM): lmao
xAlongxCamexYoux (11:27:18 PM): :-D
xAlongxCamexYoux (11:27:20 PM): and it's in..
xAlongxCamexYoux (11:28:03 PM): the bag from sears all taped up in paper in a stocking in a bag in a box in another box in another box in another box in another box and in the last box
Chloe (11:28:17 PM): lmao
Chloe (11:28:19 PM): geez
xAlongxCamexYoux (11:28:24 PM): and most of those
xAlongxCamexYoux (11:28:28 PM): are plastered with tape
xAlongxCamexYoux (11:28:30 PM): :-X
Chloe (11:29:11 PM): lmfao
Chloe (11:29:15 PM): poor poor boy
xAlongxCamexYoux (11:29:24 PM): he's gotta work for it
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