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::The best you'll ever have::

This last year. Wow. It's held some unbelievable moments...

December 18,2004 - I met Klaus-Derrik Jakob Duren..

January 2005 - KD moves to NC.

May 1, 2005 - the unthinkable unmentionable =\

June 13th 2005 - He leaves me. Alone and heartbroken

May 2005 - New job @ wal*mart

September 10-18 2005 - Birthday celebration at the beach which leads to the sprang ankle

September/October 2005 - meet my best friend Beth and meet rodney

October 31/November 1st 2005 - Morey's in Charlotte. Getting lost. Meeting Trent <3

November 4-6 2005 - Weekend with Beth, Rodney, and Trent. I miss the nights of only getting 2 or 3 hours of sleep because of us going and playing POOL in the middle of the night

November 2005 - Realization of things. Being with the most amazing guy. I started falling. He started falling. What a beautiful beautiful thing. My world completed.

December 2005 - Him meeting my parents. The drifting of the best friends. Remembering the last year. Dreading..the one year anniversary of meeting KDJD. And of the proposal. The entire reason I broke up with John last year.

The coming year of 2006 is offering a glimpse of hope. A glimpse of hopefully my future. Maybe this year I will come out on top. Maybe we'll still be together a year from now that way I can look back and say "hey! we beat the odds."

I've gotten closer with a few people this year and yet I've drifted from others.

Kelly - Thanks for being there

Allie - we aren't as strong..we've both got lives to live :(

Daryl - were has our friendship gone?

Kerri - We've been there through so much for each other but now we're basically strangers to each other.

Mandi - My lil CUZ. I want to hang out with you. Think we can do that?

I've met a few new people along the way that I hope will stay with me.

LIZZARD. I <3 u. I will visit Myrtle Beach. :-D

I don't know what this next year will hold, but I will hold on and endure all that life throws my way. I will come out stronger than ever and hopefully on top. :) I can't wait to see what this next year brings and the things that will come out of it. It shall be an adventure. So buckle up and hold on tight cuz here comes 2006.
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